Meet the Doctor

Dr. Regina Rocha, Endodontist

Dr. Rocha has been teaching endodontics at the University Of Illinois College Of Dentistry in Chicago since 2007. Dr. Rocha received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) from Bahia Federal University, Brazil, where she also received her post-doctorate specialty training in endodontics.

Dr. Rocha was born and raised in Salvador, Brazil. Like many adventurous young students, she dreamed of traveling the world. Her main desire was to live in the United States but not before she completed her education. After completing her specialty training in endodontics in Brazil, Dr. Rocha knew it was time to act on her adventurous spirit and see the world. She was accepted to the University of Illinois College Of Dentistry for additional post-doctorate training and received her Master’s Degree (MS) in Oral Sciences. Soon thereafter, she entered into the dental school’s post-doctorate endondontics program to receive additional training. Upon completion of the program, Dr. Rocha received her specialty license to practice endodontics in the United States.

While at the University of Illinois, Dr. Rocha earned several research awards, including the Hinman Excellence Award in Student Research in 2004, the SIGMA XI Graduate Basic Science Award in 2005, and the American Association of Endodontics Resident Award in 2006. She was also invited to join the faculty of the University of Illinois Dental School in 2007 to teach endodontics to undergraduate and post-graduate students. In 2008, Dr. Rocha accepted the honor of serving as a member of the Journal of Endodontics Scientific Advisory Board.

Along with her rigorous academic accomplishments, Dr. Rocha married and had a beautiful daughter, Ana Catharina. Not allowing her academic accomplishments to diminish the importance of family, Dr. Rocha has now traded off the late night hours of studying to spend time with her daughter – enjoying her motherhood.

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